SØNAR Environmental Monitoring Software

SØNAR Environmental Monitoring Software creates electronic files for submission to the State, Provincial and Federal ministries of the environment to comply with the Pulp and Paper Format for their Electronic Monitoring Systems.

Completely configurable, the module can connect to any OLE DB compliant test entry system as well as allowing the user to choose exactly which test results to include in the submitted files. The user follows a simple, one time process to set up a template for each .DAT file they wish to submit, selecting the data from an easy to read set of drop down menus. Once configured, file creation is as simple as selecting a date range and pressing a button.


  • Ensure your environmental data submitted to governmental authorities conforms to regulations
  • Remove the possibilities of data entry error
  • Single step process

Key Features

  • Seamless interface with your test and monitoring data store regardless of dbms vendor
  • Configurable test grouping by file and destination authority