SØNAR Circuit Breaker Tracking

SØNAR Circuit Breaker Tracking is dedicated software for tracking circuit breakers at industrial sites. Its easy-to-use interface allows any employee to record changes to breaker location and to record maintenance performed against any breaker or breaker housing. Having a system anyone can use means more information is available to everyone, enabling better record and breaker management.

SØNAR Circuit Breaker Tracking combines easy graphical navigation with powerful keyword searches to allow users to retrieve data quickly and efficiently. Circuit Breaker Tracking is dedicated to ensuring that breaker status and condition is known and available at all times. A user can easily find where the breaker is located, the condition and location of its spares, its history, and any documents, reports or pictures related to the breaker or its environment.


  • Reduce downtime by quickly locating spares
  • Preserve your equipment investment by pre-planning maintenance activities
  • Correct repetitive failure causes by reviewing breaker history by location.

Key Features

  • Track breakers by location or usage
  • Search by breaker number, station number, rating, etc.
  • Export data to Excel for further analysis