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All SØNAR applications are intranet, web-based software modules built using ASP, ASP.NET, ADO, ADO.NET, JavaScript, and XML. We use our years of experience in web applications to build a toolset of server components that allows us to quickly construct solid solutions with a consistent behaviour, look and feel. All server side code is locked inside DLLs for speed, ease of deployment, and security. Our n-tier approach to application architecture allows for full scalabilty while our choice of industry standard software and hardware provides a low total cost of ownership.

SØNAR products run on Windows 2000 web server platforms to make use of their availability, reliability and technology support. Microsoft's scale out strategy allows you to start small and add hardware as you add users. Choosing SQL Server 2000 means your IT staff does not spend their time tuning clumsy, hard to manage database platforms, and ensures that the data is both secure and available. All products use XML for all external data transfers. We are pioneers in schema publishing to ensure solid industry standards. Use of XML also allows easy integration with other business and manufacturing applications.

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