Web Based Advantages

Breakwater started building web based software seven years ago and we have been staying at the forefront of Internet technology ever since. We keep current, which means you get the most up-to-date software money can buy.

What is Web Based software?

We refer to web based software as an application designed to be accessed via a browser. The rules of interaction are slightly different than the old style client-server software, but the user experience is the same, if not enhanced. The web based application is designed, programmed and installed on the server and is ready to be used. No need to install anything on the client, all that is required is an installation on the server. The user opens Internet Explorer, enters the address (url) of the server and the application responds by displaying the login page. What the user sees is the latest release of the software and the most current data, every time. Since the software is designed to be used over the internet or your intranet, support and upgrades can both be performed remotely, and your contact at Breakwater can see your data in real time when troubleshooting issues.

Advantages of web based software:
  • Only a server piece to install (you always get the current version of the software, every time you connect)
  • Data can be accessed from any computer connected to the network (LAN or Internet depending on security)
  • The application can be deployed over the internet
  • Training is minimized due to widespread knowledge of the browser piece
  • Printing of all screens, tables and grids is always available
  • Support is more efficient and up to the minute due to remote connection possibility

    As we did seven years ago when we switched technology to offer better and more up to date software services, we are continually on the look out for new technologies that will enhance our and our client's business position. We recently adapted a new concept of Team services, allowing us to maintain a live web site for all clients to browse, containing relevant product information and documentation, and access to our issues reporting and posting software.

    We are currently moving towards a new concept in data amalgamation allowing clients to gather data from a multitude of back office systems (other large and small software packages running any kind of database) and display it in a central navigation system, customizable to each user's data requirements.

    Stay tuned for more technology advancement that will allow you to take advantage of the data already stored on your site's many computers and servers.