SØNAR Custom Software

While our core product line is off-the-shelf, "shrink-wrap" software, we also deliver custom solutions for your particular needs. From problem analysis, through user requirements, design, coding, testing, and release, our methodology gets you involved in the process to ensure the solution will solve your specific problems.

All applications we develop originate from a need expressed to us by our clients. We assess requirements, meet with users, gather data and document needs prior to designing and coding any application.

We rely heavily on the client's knowledge to direct the requirement phase of the project, to which we apply our software know-how and come up with a solution designed to exactly fit the problem presented. Our team is designed to take a project from conception to completion with continuity. Each team member has an area of expertise and is called upon when their skill set is required. Project documentation is vital and handled through our internal network to allow the entire team access to all available information. We streamline a process from design and coding to testing and user training that allows us to deploy complex and stable applications in a timely manner.