SØNAR Downtime and Loss Tracking

SØNAR Loss Tracking and Equipment Downtime enables you to track and analyze the causes of reduced production or line stoppage. By providing shift maximum and actual production values, and accounting for each cause of the difference, you get a complete report of the causes of less than 100% production for the current shift. By monitoring over time, trends are easily identified, allowing you to take corrective action.

Loss Tracking focuses on causes of reduced production, including internal causes such as mechanical failure, planned maintenance, or non-optimized system variables, and external causes such as planned stoppages due to reduced product demand, external supplier shortages, and acts of nature. Equipment Downtime allows you to analyze when production is halted by internal or external causes resulting in a 100% production stoppage. The system provides a wide range of default values, and all can be customized to fit your specific environment.

A comprehensive suite of reports enables summary or detailed examination of loss and downtime causes by area, event type, cause type, equipment, and others. Trend and Pareto charting permits a graphical view of events and causes over time. An ad-hoc report capability permits you to look at history and trends in ways that are meaningful to your specific environment. By exporting to Microsoft Excel, you can make use of powerful pivot tables to analyze the data in ways not otherwise possible.

SØNAR Loss Tracking and Equipment Downtime gives you a detailed or birds eye view of your systems, allowing you maximize your asset utilization and your production volumes.


  • Accurately record and maintain detailed loss and downtime causes
  • Easily review causes and events over time
  • Track trends
  • Identify greatest areas for improvement


  • Record maximum and actual production values, and account for the differences detailed by cause and event, for each specific area, machine, or component
  • Record shift worker comments specific to individual events
  • Analyze causes and events through a comprehensive suite of reports and graphs, including Pareto and Trend Analysis
  • Exceptionally easy-to-use interface makes the assists shift supervisors in tracking losses and downtime, rather than hindering them, ensuring accurate results.
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