SØNAR Solutions

Our line of maintenance tracking programs includes Roll Tracking, Motor Tracking, and Downtime and Loss Analysis. SONAR products are individual modules tailored specifically for the task at hand. By using this approach instead of the style employed by large monolithic enterprise applications, you focus on getting the information you want, rather than spending your time trying to bend the program to your needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Track Roll and Motor location and maintenance history
  • Track and identify production downtime and losses; identify largest opportunities for improvement
  • Intranet-based applications means no client software to install
  • Easy integration with other back office systems
  • Extensive reporting features, including ad-hoc reporting and Microsoft Excel export

Our products focus on ease of use for the people responsible for the equipment: millwrights, electricians, engineers, and others. Ease of use drives a high adoption rate, which ultimately makes your IT rollout more successful, and your return on investment more valuable.