SØNAR Roll Tracking

SØNAR Roll Tracking stores maintenance details performed on mechanical rolls in pulp and paper machines. The product combines easy graphical navigation with powerful keyword searches to allow users to retrieve data quickly and efficiently. Roll Tracking is dedicated to ensuring that roll status and condition is known and available at all times. A user can easily find where the roll is located, the condition and location of its spares, its history, and any documents, reports or pictures related to the roll or its maintenance.

Built with the user in mind, SØNAR Roll Tracking allows millwrights to enter the work they perform, in real time, making the data available to all other users instantly. Data is entered where and when it is produced, by the worker performing it. Maintenance engineers and managers can now rely on the software to plan work to be done and to check on the progress of the work being performed.


  • Preserve investment by understanding the complete roll history
  • Prevent failures before they occur by scheduling maintenance based on past performance
  • Reduce downtime by pre-planning maintenance activities

Key Features

  • Track every roll by location or number
  • Review location, inspection, and maintenance history
  • Track bearings, cover, balancing, suction boxes, showers, doctor blades
  • Track spares location for all components
  • Export data to Excel for further analysis